Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This kid

   Cruz has been sitting on this stump every day he swims. Sometimes as long as 30 minutes. He just sits there and plays with a twig or sings to himself.  He's in his own little world and seems very content.

  I watch him in amazement because, to be honest,  I don't have much patience with him lately.  He's become my most active and impatient child.  It's draining and being an unemployed stay - at - home Mom doesn't help.

  Ryan burst my bubble this morning.  I was able to watch Cruz from the kitchen window and see his calmness.  Ryan started laughing,  "Mom, do you know why he sits there?  It's because he gets out of the pool and the dirt is too hot on his feet so he waits until he gets enough courage up to walk on it."

Seriously? I liked my input better! Lol

Monday, June 2, 2014

Never trust a giggly 5 year old boy

Ugh!  I just can't believe this one happened.

For some reason boys and side yards never mix.  I've caught them all (big ones included) peeing there.  Is that like a dog marking is spot? Is always the side yard.  No matter where I've lived.

Cruz was running around the backyard with Kaya after he got out of the pool. That's normal.  What isn't normal is the giggling little boy that came around the corner.

"Cruz, why are you laughing? "

He can barely spit this out,  "I went potty outside" (points to dreaded side yard)

"Stop there! What did you do?!"

"Kaya ran in front of me. I peed on her.....just a little.   Not a lot"

I called Kaya over, and well,  it's safe to say she got bath tonight. :/

Ugh! Boys!

Friday, May 30, 2014

10 minute pick up

I've had a little trouble recently with everyone picking up after themselves.  I have spent more time putting everything away than actually cleaning. Mom is not a happy camper!

I came up with the 10 minute pick up with the hopes that it will show the kids how quick and easy picking their own stuff up really is.  10 minutes set on the timer in the morning before pool time or play time and 10 minutes in the evening before bed.  This is just to gather and put away the things they have left out around the house. It doesn't apply to regular chores, such as picking up dog poop.

Day 1: Cruz comes up to me to ask about swimming.  I mention the 10 minute pick up. His response? ... "actually,  I don't want to go swimming". Nice try kid, happening whether you swim or not.  Yeesh!

Update Day 2: Apparently, Rylee was not witness to Cruz's excuse yesterday.  At pick up time she quickly said, "I don't feel like swimming right now". Wrrrrooong... try again!