Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 4

We woke up in Denver!!!  It was nice to wake up on our own terms today.  No alarms and not much of a schedule. 

My main goal was to make it to Snooze Eatery for breakfast.  Anthony sent us out while he stayed with the dogs and hung out with his dad, since he went last year with me.  I skipped the pancakes this time and went straight to the heavy stuff.  Mimosa and a large breakfast with bread topped with pulled pork, egg, and pickles.  Sounds weird but it was soooo good.  Ana had a Benedict meal and said it was perfect.  Cruz had the peanut butter cup pancakes and made a mess out of them, from his hat to his legs.  Rylee had the pancake sampler with peanut butter cup, white chocolate macadamia and red velvet.  Ryan took a leap and ordered the fish tacos.  He claimed they were better than Baja's.  I wanted to order them to test it but was too full.  I ended up taking Anthony and Roland (dad) back some pineapple upside down pancakes and fish tacos and ordered a white chocolate for myself for tomorrow.  Yeah, I feel fat :) .

Ryan found 720 skate shop in the same mall as Snooze and begged to go there.  They are based out of Colorado, so when he asked for one of their boards, I couldn't say no.  It is pretty sweet.

I love how healthy Denver is.  Every one's always walking or biking.  It's actually normal to see someone yield to pedestrians.  There is gluten free/health food almost everywhere, which is a huge bonus to me.  I could live here, except there's no family.  I definitely want to make plans to have another vacation, maybe a full week next time.

Grandpa showed up this morning and the kids were wound up.  I think it's been 3 years since they have seen them.  He took them to the pool after breakfast and I squeezed in a nap.  Super bonus! 

It's been super hot here today.  Almost as bad as Virginia heat.  This evening the winds were so strong, it was hard to stand up straight.  I don't know if that is normal or not for here. 

Anthony and Roland took off to get Roland Jr from Colorado Springs tonight.   It was so odd to see all 3 of them together for the first time.  The walk and laugh of the 3 is eerily alike.  They all took off to our second room with beer and chuckling.  I'm just glad they are in the room and not out.  It's triple the trouble :).  I'm off to get a good night sleep before our visit to the Olympic training center and camping with Roland, Jana and the kids.  Look out KOA....here come the Quintero's! Haha!

Day 3

Driving, driving and more driving.  I felt like today would never end.  We waited until checkout time in Kansas City and let the kids swim before we left.  I originally booked the hotel for right over the Colorado line because it would make it about 8 hours.  To make it to Denver would mean another 3 hours. 

About 2 hours into the drive I had this great idea of canceling our "motor inn" stay in Burlington, Colorado and just go straight into Denver.  Anthony was game and the hotels were working with us.  Plus we really like Denver, so it would be to our benefit to get a few more hours there. 

We found the OZ winery in Kansas.  I was doing a little dance when Anthony asked me if I wanted to go.  The OZ museum was there, but closed because it was Sunday.  At the winery we did a little tasting and dropped $175.  I mean, how many times will I get to buy wine called Run Toto Run?!

I think we made wayyyy more stops today than the first 2.  Maybe from boredom?  At the Colorado line we ran into a bad thunderstorm.  The coolest part was that it was on both sides of us, but not where we were.  It did give me something to look at.  We drove a total of 747 miles and 13 hours today.   I think we checked into the hotel around 2am.  I was so tired I was shaking, but glad we skipped the motel.

Day 2

Today was mostly driving. We left Kentucky with a destination of Kansas city, Missouri. 
The drive through Indiana was awful. There was about a 250 mile stretch of nothing but farmland- Not even billboards to read.  The exits were as far apart as 30 minutes at times.
We ended up having to stop for a potty break about an hour into the drive.  Anthony looked pretty unhappy when he got out of truck.  He heard a loud pop and lost power.  I tried not to panic, knew it would be our luck.  We got back on the interstate hoping it was nothing.  That didn't work.  No power and 7 miles of driving 45mph before we hit the next exit.  Anthony pulled off and found out the turbo hose popped off.  Not too bad, except we had no tools.  Luckily, Napa was 5 minutes down the road and open!  That gave us a nice break but also set us back about an hour.  It was clean air and a beautiful day so the kids and I walked around with the dogs for a while.

It's finally starting to turn into a true road trip.  Anthony took an exit for a town called Santa Claus.  It was really Santa Claus, Indiana.  There wasn't much to see because it was kind of small, but each little shop had a Santa statue outside and they had a neat looking amusement park.

The only major mishaps other than the truck was stopping twice....for Cruz.  The first time he managed to open the car door with his foot on the interstate.  The kid lock was put on immediatly after that.  It must have scared him too, because he kept apologizing.  Shortly after that, we had to stop again because Rylee realized that his carseat was not buckeled into the car.  I'm still not sure what happened with that and I don't even want to think about how long he was sitting like that.

Our original plan was to see the Arch in St Louis.  Since the truck trouble delayed us we decided to skip it.  That was a great decision because we probably got better pictures from the interstate anyway.  Not to mention, St Louis drivers are AWFUL!  Worse than Virginia!  No matter where we were, they thought they had the right away. 

Thankfully, we stayed in the next big town over.  Kansas City, Missouri....not Kansas.  That took some clarification :) .  If I had known that it was such a cool city I may have made plans to stay there longer.  We had an awesome hotel.  It was more like a small apartment with a bedroom, loft and one bedroom, full kitchen, and 2 bathrooms.  The kids really liked that place too.

So far, we have met nothing but nice people.  I expected to have at least one rude person and I'm happy to say it hasn't been that way yet!